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Help for New Users

Tasks you can complete are dependent on your role are summarized below:

Your Role Available Tasks
(a) Individual not registered as a designated contact for an organization accepted into the program [Help]
  • You can register to complete your certification, accepting the trademark usage agreement and accessing your resource center to access logos and adjust your certification record (individual self-registration after passing exam)
(b) Designated contact for an organization accepted into the program
  • You can register one or more TOGAF 9 Accredited Training Courses

For information on the steps necessary to get certified within the Web Certification system please refer to the Getting Started documentation.


As noted above, you can enter the system in a number of roles. The minimal role is as an individual not designated as a contact for an organization accepted into the TOGAF certification program. For this you simply need a valid username and password on the Certification Authority's web server. This is for those individuals who have taken the examination and need to complete their certification by accepting the logo usage agreement. Usernames and passwords are assigned and notified upon receipt of the pass result from the exam center.

Once you have your username, from the secure web site, select "Login" to login.

Registering Contacts for a Organization

To register a training course on behalf of an organization, you must be registered as the designated Authorized, Technical or Alternate contact for that organization. Organization registration and that of its designated contacts have a number of steps that must be completed before you will be able to proceed. Your login will not offer you the ability to register a training course until all the following steps have been successfully completed.

Please take the following steps to register your organization and its contacts:-

  1. You will need a username and password on the Certification Authority's web server for identification purposes. If you don't yet have an account, you may obtain one from the certification web site by selecting "Enter secure site" to enter the secure web site (if you have not already done so), then selecting "New User" to create your username and password.
  2. Next you will need to enter your organization name and accept the prerequisites of the Certification Agreement, for entry into the system. To do this you need to select New Organization Account.
  3. To register your organization, you need to provide information about your organization and specify the name and contact information for the following contacts:
    • The Authorized Signatory who will authorize your organization's registration. The Authorized Signatory must be someone who is authorized to enter into legal commitments on behalf of the organization.
    • The Technical Contact, who will be the primary contact for all certification-related issues.
    • An optional Alternate Contact, who will be the back-up for the Technical Contact and also have access to the web certification system to register products
    • The Financial Contact, who will be the contact for any payment and/or invoicing issues
    • An optional Marketing Contact, who will be the contact for any marketing-related certification issues

    Note: The Authorized Contact, the Technical Contact and the Alternate Contact, if specified, are the only users who will have the ability to register products or services using the web certification system.

  4. The web based certification system will then send electronic mail to your designated Authorized Signatory who must respond by electronic mail to the Certification Authority. The CA will audit the response and, if the requirements are met, accept your organization for entry into the certification system.

When the above is organization and the Certification Authority has responded to your designated Authorized Signatory with notification that your application has been accepted, your Technical and Alternate contacts will receive confirmation by electronic mail from the web certification system that your organization account has been activated. At this point, your Technical and Alternate contacts will be able to progress to the next stage which is accessing the web certification system to organization Product Registration.

If you encounter difficulties with the login please contact the Certification Authority.

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