Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) Work Group

Developing open standards to meet the challenges of product lifecycle management

The Open Group Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) Work Group provides the framework to develop and consolidate the open standards necessary to enable lifecycle management to evolve beyond the traditional limits of product lifecycle management (PLM).

Members of The Open Group QLM Work Group gain professional advantage from the group’s resources, market insights and expertise in a global community of peers. They lead the development of standards and certification programs, which ultimately results in the delivery of interoperability projects faster and at lower cost. Vendors can collaborate on emerging open standards in a neutral forum, and demonstrate their compliance with those standards. Customers can influence the development of suppliers' products to ensure that they address real requirements and are interoperable.

Join us, and take an active role in advancing The Open Group QLM Work Group’s vision of creating and consolidating open standards to better address the exponential challenges of PLM.

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