ArchiMate® Tool Certification

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About ArchiMate Tool Certification

The Open Group Architecture Tool Certification Program includes certification for tools supporting the ArchiMate® Specification, an Open Group Standard. The certification process for tools supporting the ArchiMate Specification assesses whether the tool implements the ArchiMate language correctly.

The Program is based on two documents:

  • Certification Policy
  • Conformance Requirements

Certification Register

Please note that the ArchiMate 3 Tool certification program will lauch shortly. Tools suppliers with ArchiMate 2 certified tools will be able to have their tools certified against the ArchiMate 3.0 requirements once the new program is available. For the moment ArchiMate 2 Tool certification remains the current version.

How to Apply for ArchiMate Tool Certification

Read the Architecture Tool Certification Policy, ArchiMate Tools Conformance Requirements , the ArchiMate Tool Certification fee schedule, and the combined Certification Agreement and  Trademark License Agreement (TMLA).   These documents are all available using the links below.

A prerequisite for Tool Certification is that your organization must have an applicable ArchiMate Commercial License.

  • Download, print, sign and return the combined Certification and Trademark License agreement.
  • Contact The Open Group ArchiMate Certification Authority to confirm your organization in the program
  • You need to prepare supporting documentation for each Tool you wish to have certified. The supporting documentation can be downloaded from the links below.
  • When you are done, pay the certification fees.
  • Next you must submit the supporting documentation
  • The Certification Authority will then carry out an audit of the supporting documentation and you will be informed of the result.
  • Once certified the tool will be listed on the register.

Generic Tool Certification Documents

ArchiMate 3 Tool Certification Resources - full documentation coming soon!

ArchiMate 2 Tool Certification Resources

 For enquiries please contact The Open Group ArchiMate Certification Authority by email at archimate-cert-auth(at)