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The Open Group’s COMsource is an open systems implementation of Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) middleware. COMsource extends the COM middleware infrastructure to UNIX.

COMsource provides an object-based, distributed, programming model allowing two or more applications, or application components, to easily ‘cooperate’.  With COMsource, independent software vendors can easily port their COM applications to non-Microsoft platforms. The Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) protocol enables software components to communicate directly over a distributed network in a reliable, secure, and efficient manner. Thus, a programmer can write an application once and make its capabilities available to other applications. With DCOM, the programmer’s client application can be used by other applications on remote servers.

The COMsource technology delivered from The Open Group includes the following components: COM (including DCOM, Service Control Manager, Structured Storage, Monikers and Automation), MS-RPC, Registry, and the Windows NT Distributed Security provider. The Open Group offers two portable and interoperable reference implementations on the Solaris and Tru64UNIX operating systems, and the ability to port to other operating systems. These reference implementations include source code, an interoperability test suite and the reference documentation set.

COMsource details and ordering information can be found at this web site location.

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