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"We are proud to be the first PC X server vendor to ship the Open Group's X11R6.3 (Broadway) standard via NetManage's new Chameleon UNIXLink 97," said Brad Weinert, senior product marketing manager at NetManage. "This new technology will greatly benefit our customers by delivering value added functionality such as web-based remote execution, including embedding and Low Bandwidth X (LBX). This allows them to choose 'the right tool for the job' to significantly reduce the cost of ownership and increase productivity for PC to UNIX connections within the enterprise as well as over the internet."

NetManage, Inc.
X Project Team member

X11R6.3 Binary Proxy Distribution Now Available


Hummingbird is pleased to provide the first publicly available binary distribution of X Web Proxies to the Internet community as a whole.

The following platforms are available as of NOW on the web site -

The distribution includes LBX Proxy, X Firewall Proxy and related clients. The distribution has been "built" in such a way that allows the "proxies" to be installed in "isolation", and does not require the entire X11R6.3 distribution.

This distribution has been made available "Free" with e-mail list support on the mailing list.

BroadwayInfo.Com is a vendor-neutral web site dedicated to the promotion of the X Web ("Broadway") release of the X Window System.

Exceed Version 6

With over 54 per cent of the worldwide market and the industry’s most prestigious awards, Exceed is the Gold Standard PC-to-enterprise software suite.Exceed allows Intel 386, 486 and Pentium-based PCs running Windows 95 or Windows, and Intel and Alpha platforms running Windows NT, to access the X Window System.

Version 6 is designed to please and to empower both casual and power users on your network. Exceed is an X11R6.3 compliant 32-bit X server that integrates the latest technological advancements like X Web, TN3270E, TN5250 and Telnet emulation, along with ease-of-use improvements like wizards for installation and configuration.

Chameleon UNIXLink 97

Here are the four hottest additions: We added so many compelling new features to Chameleon NFS/X that we had to change its name. Its successor, Chameleon UNIXLink 97, is more powerful, more economical, easier to use, easier to administer and support. In fact, it's the most advanced, most cost-effective solution going.

Gain easy web-browser access to UNIX applications

Chameleon UNIXLink 97 is first to give you the latest X server technology: "Broadway" or web-enabled X. Broadway lets you access and run UNIX applications from within the friendly confines of your favorite web browser. For the first time, PC users can access X and UNIX applications without learning X and UNIX connection commands. Simply access a web page, click on a link, and you're connected. That's a feature guaranteed to flatten the X and UNIX learning curve - along with your support and training costs.

Get leaner, faster X

This release also helps you conserve your bandwidth and speed the flow of X data. It provides Low Bandwidth X (LBX), the new X standard for use in low bandwidth environments. It compresses your X-application data, giving you more X performance out of your existing network connection.

Why wait?

Web-enabled X. The fastest NFS on Earth. X data compression. Network installation and administration. The future of PC-to-UNIX connectivity just arrived.

The Web and X. Together at last.

PC X Server

Announcing the first union of Windows, Web, and UNIX. Chameleon UNIXLink 97 delivers an optimized, web-enabled PC X server for all Windows platforms. It gives Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT users unparalleled flexibility and performance on their PC-to-UNIX desktops. Plus the ability to do some things they've never been able to do before.

Web-enabled X reduces need for support and training

Using the latest release of X Windows (X11R6.3 or "Broadway"), Chameleon UNIXLink 97's PC X Server (XoftWare) provides seamless integration with your favorite web browser. Users need only start their browsers, click an HTML link to an X application, and then watch their X clients appear. Everything's automated so there's no need for users to learn X and UNIX connection commands. Which means there's no need for IS to teach them. If you can use a browser, you can use our X!

Conserve bandwidth and speed data flow with Low-Bandwidth-X

To open the bandwidth bottlenecks sometimes caused by X applications, Chameleon UNIXLink 97 delivers Low-Bandwidth-X (LBX) technology. LBX provides three layers of data compression and caching. This feature speeds the flow of X data over low-bandwidth lines. It also reduces the overall network bandwidth consumption of the X protocol. So productivity goes up; frustration goes down. LBX can even be used in conjunction with the Web Browser plug-in, enabling access to remote X applications anywhere on the Internet.

Install and administer the easy, economical way: over the network

Chameleon UNIXLink 97's PC X server (XoftWare) also supports full network deployment and administration. Create a connection to a UNIX application just once then publish it on a file server. It can be shared by all users or a group of your choice. Use your favorite web browser to remotely administer any PC on the network. Or use our unique Administration Control Panel to retrieve configuration information from any place on your network. Installation and administration have never been easier.

Get the best X on Earth

The first web-enabled X, enhanced performance, network deployment and administration, and X bandwidth control. It all adds up to the best X on Earth.

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