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TOGAF® for Cloud Ecosystems

Objective of Meeting

TOGAF® for Cloud Ecosystems is a joint project of the Open Platform 3.0™ Forum and the Architecture Forum. Its goals and objectives are to:

  • Explain how to use the TOGAF standard to develop an Enterprise Architecture for the cloud ecosystem
  • Provide architectural information to drive decisions necessary to evolve the cloud ecosystem

Its scope includes any enterprise that plans to use or uses the TOGAF standard to create and evolve Enterprise Architecture for the cloud ecosystem.

The purpose of the meeting in Philadelphia was to progress work on the Guide that the project is producing.


The meeting reviewed the latest draft of the Guide, and identified the points where further work is needed. Points discussed included:

  • Whether the Guide should include a description of how it relates to other material on Cloud Computing being produced by The Open Group
  • The use of the ArchiMate modeling language for diagrams in the Guide
  • The role of the Cloud Ecosystems reference model that is included in the current draft
  • Whether the Guide will imply additions to the TOGAF metamodel


The meeting agreed on actions to complete the draft Guide.

Next Steps

Work on the Guide will proceed as agreed, with the aim of having a complete draft for review in Q4 of 2013.



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