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The X Window SystemTM provides the base technology for developing graphical user interfaces. At a very basic level, X draws the elements of the GUI on the user's screen and builds in methods for sending user interactions back to the application. Using application GUI development toolkits, such as Motif, an application developer can quickly create an application interface to the end user.

But X is more than that. Because X has been implemented from the start to use a client/server model, it is ideally suited for remote application deployment as well. That is, X lets you work from your computer directly with an application running on another computer. In addition, X is hardware-independent. With X you can run Microsoft Windows Applications on a UNIX workstation, or you can run a UNIX application on an Apple Macintosh system.

Look at " X is More Than You Think...." for some examples of the exciting things you and your company can do with X.

The latest release of the X Window System, known as X11R6.4, includes the following new features:

  • XINERAMA - Single Logical Screen Support
  • Easy Resource Configuration
  • Less Colormap Flashing
  • DPMS Power Saving Feature
  • Extended Visual Information(EVI) extension
  • Significantly Reduced Memory Footprint
  • And, Lots of bug fixes!

See the X11R6.4 Release Notes for more details.

What is Broadway?

Broadway was the internal code name for The X Window System 11 Release 6.3 (X11R6.3) development effort. The X11R6.3 project was a ground-breaking initiative for enabling the use of X to create and access interactive applications on the World Wide Web. Any application linked to the Web using X11R6.3 can be located, accessed and executed with the same tools used for accessing static HTML documents today -- web browsers.

See the X Window System in Action -- Download the Demo Plug-in Now.
To interact with the demo, you need to first download and install the browser plug-in. You'll also need an X11R6.3 or greater X Window System display (server) if you don't already have it. Once these prerequisites are met, re-start your browser and get ready to play chess against Deep Blau.

Euro Support

Support for the Euro is available in Public Patch Number 2. Read a white paper on the Euro by a member of the X team.

About X.Org

X.Org is a not-for-profit group dedicated to the support and promotion of the X Window System. (Currently supporting Version X11R6.x) X.Org has operated since 1997 on revenue generated from annual membership fees contributed by its members. X.Org has recently been restructured to improve services to its members. A press release and new home page provide more details of the improved organization and member benefits.

Call for Participation

If you wish to support the X Window System technology please join the X.Org group. For more details please contact Howard Greenwell.

Download the sources from X.Org
X11R6.4 is available under an open-source license

The licensing terms and conditions for X11R6.4 mean that it is freely available, for any purpose and no fee. The latest release of the X Window System is available from the X.Org servers:

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Public patches for X11R6.4 are available via http or ftp.

User Contributed Software is available via http or ftp.

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