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Test Suite Delivery


Test suites are made available by password protected FTP accounts from The Open Group's Reading server, (ftp.rdg.opengroup.org). Access is the same, whether the test suite is under development or ready for licensed users, but the use of these FTP accounts differs slightly.

Early test suite development period

When a test suite development program is initiated, an email group is set up for general multi-way communication between The Open Group, the test development group members and the test suite developers. During this stage, early specifications, assertions, documentation, snapshots and alpha/beta releases can be retrieved from a related FTP account, access being restricted to the email group members and all users sharing the same account. Password information is emailed to the group at set-up time.

After release

Once a test suite reaches General Availability status, copies are placed in a company FTP account, containing all test suites to which the company is entitled. When the first test suite is licensed, an FTP account is set up and the technical contact on the contract is emailed with the details. Where the company has a Corporate license, the main technical contact is permitted to make these details available to other sites, as needed.

Maintenance releases and patches are also placed in company FTP accounts. A superseded release remains in the FTP account, and is acceptable for branding, for a 6-month overlap period after a new release is made.

There is an email group for each test suite also, for example vsx_users for VSX4 license holders, and one contact (usually) per company should be added to this group when a license is signed.


Where FTP access is not technically possible, test suite releases can be made on magnetic tape of several formats, but this will incur an additional charge. This is not suitable for the test suite development stage described above.

Web access

For those who are in the process of preparing for a branding application, Web access is also essential, since the Interpretations database is best accessed via this site. Membership of the appropriate email/web group is needed.

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