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Test Suites
VSM4 Overview

The Motif Toolkit Test Suite


As part of the Common Desktop Environment product registration program, The Open Group has developed the VSM4 verification suite for the Motif Toolkit API specification. Software suppliers that have already or intend CDE branding can significantly benefit from use of this test suite to verify compliance with the specification.


In the production of the Common Desktop Environment program, The Open Group took the OSF/Motif VTS test suite, improved and extended it to produce the VSM4 test suite.

The primary purpose of this test suite is to help ensure implementations conform to the Motif Toolkit API Specification. VSM4 is the mandatory indicator of compliance for this specification. The specification is not tied to any one technology release and VSM4 may be used on Motif 1.2 or later.

Test Suite Features

VSM4 provides many improvements over the OSF/Motif VTS tool by incorporating a variety of new features (described below). These improvements make the test suite more useful during the development cycle, in quality assurance, and also in regression testing of conforming implementations. Finally, this test suite is also suitable for evaluating conformance to IEEE Std 1295-1993 - an element of the US Government's Application Portability Profile.

VSM4 provides substantial improvements over the OSF/Motif VTS tool and adds several new features including:

  • VSM4 is compatible with the industry-standard Test Environment Toolkit (TET). The interface is consistent with other test suites from The Open Group, yielding a more configurable and productive tool.
  • LibXm coverage has been expanded by tests for more than 100 additional functions.
  • Code coverage for existing LibXm tests has been substantially improved. In addition, more than 400 header file tests have been added.
  • Substantial efforts were undertaken to repair existing problems and defects - several hundred defects have been repaired. Additionally, particular attention was paid to portability issues and during development, the test suite was ported and tested on multiple platforms. These changes have resulted in a substantially improved test suite.
  • A new, easier to use installation mechanism has been incorporated into the suite.
  • POSIX-style assertions have been developed for all tests resulting in tightly integrated, superb visibility to failing test element.
  • A User's Manual has been produced to assist the user in configuring and executing the suite.
  • Report generation capability has been added, suitable for use in The Open Brand program.


VSM4 and VSM4 support are now available from The Open Group. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of VSM4 or support service for VSM4, please contact The Open Group Sales Team.




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