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Test Suites
Linux Systems Test Suites -- Technical Data Sheet

Executive Summary

The Open Group has expanded it's range of test suites to provide the ability to test Linux systems. Our Linux system test suites are derivatives of our other proven start-of-the-art test tools.

The Open Group is well established as the premier open systems test supplier and certification authority, developing and owning tests used for the UNIX®, LSBTM and POSIX® certification programs. As a supplier independent and product neutral organization, The Open Group is the logical choice in developing standards-based test suites and certification programs with a proven track record, including third party programs such as the LSB.


The Open Group has a portfolio of test suites that cover Linux systems, including tests for embedded Linux devices.

Use of test suites is essential for proper development and maintenance of standards-based products, ensuring conformance of supplier products to industry-standard APIs, application portability and interoperability. In-depth testing with Open Group test suites identifies defects at the earliest possible point in the development and test cycle minimizing costly defects found in the field.

Linux Standardization Test Suites

The Open Group has played a key role in assisting the Free Standards Group in its Linux standardization activities through provision of test frameworks, testset code and expertise. The Linux Standard Base (LSB) test suites are an example of the results of that effort to date. Deliverables from The Open Group form the majority of the official LSB Runtime Environment Certification tests. The Open Group also successfully developed the LSB Certification program for the Free Standards Group (now operated independently directly by the Free Standards Group).

The test framework architecture utilizes the Open Group's Test Environment Toolkit and the VSXgen framework. For more information on the test suite architecture , see here.

Further information on the status for this activity is at the Linux Base web site.

Release Bundles

We also maintain here release bundles for the main deliverables produced by The Open Group.

  • Release bundles from The Open Group are here
  • The LSB tree is here
  • The Open Group's test suite for the LSB Filesystem Hierarchy Specification, Version 2.x (FHS2.x). is available here.
  • The Open Group's test suite for POSIX.1-1990 conformance , tuned for auto installation on Linux systems for LSB testing, is available from here.
  • The Open Group's test suite for partial pthread conformance, VSTHlite , tuned for auto installation on Linux systems for LSB testing, is available from here.
  • The Open Group's test suite for Linux operating system calls, the LSB-OS test suite, is available from here.



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