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Test Suites
VSPSE54-2003 -- POSIX 1003.13-2003 Profile PSE54 Test Suite

Product Standard Coverage

The VSPSE54-2003 Test Suite covers the following formal standards specifications.

  • IEEE POSIX 1003.13-2003 PSE54 Profile

This test suite is used in the POSIX®: Certified by IEEE and The Open Group Certification program. click for more more

PSE54 Multipurpose Realtime 1003.13TM-2003 System PSE54 Multipurpose Realtime 1003.13TM-2003 System certification for operating system environments providing realtime services based on IEEE Std 1003.13 Profile PSE54. This supports applications portability at the source code level and includes the provision of a standard operating system interface and environment, including a full file system implementation and support for multiple users. click for more more


VSPSE54-2003 is a modular test suite for IEEE Std POSIX 1003.13-2003 Profile PSE54, which contains strategies conformant to that profile. 

It contains test coverage for the following areas:

  • Scenario files for the PSE54 Units of Functionality plus additional tests for PSE54
  • "Base" POSIX System Interfaces
  • POSIX Threads interfaces
  • POSIX RealTime interfaces
  • POSIX Advanced RealTime interfaces
  • POSIX Tracing interfaces
  • POSIX Additional RealTime interfaces
  • Tests for Shell and Utilities (including tests for the Software Development Option and User Portability Utilities option

Scenario Files

The following are the list of tests included in the core system interfaces tests (excludes the Shell and Utilities tests):




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