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Test Suites

Verification Test Suite for the X Window System


The X Window System is a sophisticated network based graphics windowing system. Testing this environment requires an equally sophisticated test suite covering library function API testing, object testing, and protocol verification. The VSW test suite covers these areas and also allows a number of configuration options to accommodate testing of multiple versions of the X Window System. Derived from the previous release from X/Open - VSW4 and the MIT X Test Suite, VSW5 provides broad coverage, a stable code base and a distinctive support program to cover your X Window System testing needs.

Test Suite Features

VSW5 is based upon VSW4 and the MIT X Test Suite. All the features of those test suites continue to be supported in VSW5. In addition, VSW5 provides substantial improvements over these test suites in the following areas:

  • Tests for the Xt Toolkit APIs and widget classes
  • Tests for Xlib APIs added in X11r5
  • Enhancement of coverage for APIs that have changed in X11r5
  • Tests for the X11r5 Shape Extension APIs
  • Tests for the X11r5 Input Device Extension APIs
  • Repair of all bugs reported against the MIT X Test Suite
  • Integration of support for 64-bit architectures
  • Tests for Compound Text Encoding
  • Ability to configure the tests to test X11r4, r5, and r6 implementations in addition to the requirements for The Open Brand.

All told, there are 2000 additional tests over the original MIT X test suite.

Relationship to The Open Brand

VSW5 is one of the mandatory indicators of compliance for the Common Desktop Environment (CDE).


VSW5 and VSW5 Lite are now available from The Open Group. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of VSW5 or VSW5 Lite, please contact your nearest sales office at The Open Group.

On-line support information

For those with support contracts, access to on-line information on interpretations and imminent releases is now available at The Open Group.




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