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Problem Reporting

Please direct your request to the correct channel. Queries about completing individual certification can be answered by email to the TOGAF Certification Authority.

If ...

  • You are having problems accessing the certification system
  • You are having problems accepting the trademark license
  • You cannot locate a record on the Certification Register
  • If you want to request an update or correction to the Certification Register
  • If you have passed the examination and did not yet receive an email to complete your certification and 6 working days has elapsed since your took the exam (this usually occurs if your registered for the exam with an invalid email address)
  • If you have queries about the exam requiremements, or retakes, see our FAQ and if that does not answer your question...
then please raise a helpdesk ticket with the TOGAF Certification Authority using this link. Our helpdesk will normally get back to you next working day.

If you are a member of The Open Group Architecture Forum Certification Standing Committee, an Accredited Training Course provider, or prospective training course provider and during the certification and accreditation processes or during the preparation phase, you encounter a permanent problem that inhibits or will inhibit your certification effort you can file a Problem Report here to obtain resolution to the issue.

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