UDEF Entity Object Tree


  • 0 Entity - Any concrete or abstract thing of interest, including associations among things. Within the UDEF, entity is selected when two or more of the other UDEF objects could be used for a given data element concept. An example that is commonly used within business is the term "party" that could be either an enterprise or a person. For this example, the correct UDEF object selection would be entity.
    • a.0 Source.Entity
    • b.0 Custodial.Entity
    • c.0 Originating.Entity
    • d.0 Affected.Entity
      • a.d.0 Change-Request.Affected.Entity
    • e.0 Change-Authority.Entity
      • a.e.0 Documentation.Change-Authority.Entity
    • f.0 Owner.Entity
      • a.f.0 Copyright.Owner.Entity
    • g.0 Destination.Entity
    • h.0 Contact.Entity
      • a.h.0 Submitter.Contact.Entity
        • a.a.h.0 File.Submitter.Contact.Entity
    • i.0 Customer.Entity
      • a.i.0 Document.Customer.Entity
    • j.0 Approval.Entity
      • a.j.0 Implementation.Approval.Entity
        • a.a.j.0 Change.Implementation.Approval.Entity
    • k.0 Account-Holder.Entity
    • l.0 Law-Enforcement.Entity
    • m.0 Buyer.Entity
    • n.0 Seller.Entity
    • o.0 Model.Entity
      • a.o.0 Reference-Framework.Model.Entity
      • b.o.0 Architecture.Model.Entity
    • p.0 Sample.Entity
    • q.0 Legal-Person.Entity
    • r.0 Party.Entity
    • s.0 Sponsor.Entity
      • a.s.0 Student.Sponsor.Entity
        • a.a.s.0 Leadership-Development.Student.Sponsor.Entity
    • t.0 Country.Entity
    • u.0 Population.Entity
      • a.u.0 Country.Population.Entity




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