About the UDEF : International UDEF

The initial version of the UDEF was in the English language. Multiple national language versions of the UDEF will enable information systems with data models defined in different languages to exchange meaningful information without any mutual knowledge of each otherÕs language. This will contribute significantly to The Open Group vision of Boundaryless Information Flowª.

Dutch and French language teams have developed Dutch and French components of the UDEF, equivalent to the English component, and are extending those components as additional definitions are added to the UDEF. Similar teams for German, Traditional Chinese, South African and Spanish versions of the UDEF are being formed, while expansion to more languages is anticipated.

Call to Action

People interested in extending the domain of applicability of UDEF to information systems with data models in their national languages are invited to join the national language teams for creating these national language versions of the UDEF.

The existing teams for Dutch and French versions will welcome new members. We are seeking more people to form teams for German (although critical mass has been achieved now), Chinese, Afrikaans, and Spanish. Initiatives to start additional languages are welcome.

The national language teams will (mainly through conference calls) review and discuss draft translated versions of the UDEF in order to bring them up to the same level as the latest released English version and facilitate the preparatory work to establish these versions formally.

After initial release of a new national language version, the team will maintain it to keep it up-to-date with extensions to the UDEF as they are approved by The Open Group Board.

Could You Help?

Qualified team members of national language teams fit the following profile:

  • Native speaker in national language
  • Excellent knowledge of English and ideally of other languages
  • Experienced information architect
  • Deep understanding of data modeling
  • Understanding of the concepts and principles of the UDEF
  • Committed to the mission of The Open Group – to drive the creation of Boundaryless Information Flowª

How to Join a Team

If you are not already a member of the UDEF Interested Parties Group, you should join it.

If you did not already have an Open Group password, one will be generated and mailed to you. (This may take up to 30 minutes.)

Log in to the UDEF projects page and click the Project Mailing Lists button and then subscribe to the appropriate national language team list.