About the UDEF : Webinars

The UDEF has featured in a number of Open Group webinars. The following recordings are available to view.

  • Tutorial: Reduce the Costs and Time for Achieving Systems Interoperability through the Universal Data Element Framework: Part 1 and Part 2. Attendees will learn why the UDEF open standard is different from data standards and how it enables any enterprise to reduce the costs and time associated with achieving systems interoperability.

The following webinar is recorded in WebEx's arf. format.   To view it you will need to install the WebEx ARF player: you can Download the .ARF player (Windows) or Download the .ARF player (Mac OS X, Intel).

  • UDEF, an Open Group Standard Supporting TOGAF Interoperability. This presentation addresses a topic that begins to connect the dots between TOGAF, interoperability and UDEF. The Open Group's vision of Boundaryless Information Flow within and between enterprises will not be achieved until this topic is fully addressed. The material in this presentation provides useful background to the effort of the recently launched TOGAF Interoperability Working Group.

The recording of the following webinar is not currently available, but will be made available in the future.

  • ÒConnecting the DotsÓ of Systems Interoperability Using Open Standards (XML, RDF, and UDEF). A cost effective process for achieving systems interoperability is essential to help businesses reduce the costs of connecting the dots between systems. Freely available open standards combined with a controlled vocabulary are the keys to interoperable systems. This Webinar identifies the role and rationale for selecting key open standards and why a controlled vocabulary is essential toward achieving systems interoperability.