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The Open Group Standards Process

This is where we begin to visualize your requirements and make them into Standards.

1. Introduction

This section provides an introduction to The Open Group Standards Process describing its purpose and the principles upon which it is founded.

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2. Definitions and Glossary

This section provides the definitions and glossary for terminology used in The Open Group Standards Process. It is organized in terms of the human actors (participants), processes, documents, and tools used within the Standards Process.

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3. The Standards Development Process

This section describes the procedures to be followed for the development of Open Group Standards. It includes the Core Processes, together with Supporting Processes.

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4. The Certification Development Process

The Open Group provides Certification Programs for The Open Group Standards in the areas of people, products, and services.

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5. Confidentiality

This section describes the procedures to be followed when handling confidential material within The Open Group and within member companies when working with The Open Group.

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6. Standards Adoption Criteria

This procedure describes the criteria of openness which must be considered before any specification may be adopted by The Open Group as the basis for the development and possible publication as a standard of The Open Group or inclusion in the Standards Information Base.

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7. Patent Policy

This section documents The Open Group Patent Policy.

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8. Liaisons

This section describes procedures for individuals who are elected to serve as The Open Group liaisons to other organizations. It defines the process for establishing liaisons, appointing Liaison Representatives, and approving Liaison Statements.

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9. Invited Guests and Invited Experts

This section describes the process for managing individuals who participate in a Forum or Work Group as Invited Guests or Invited Experts. It defines the criteria for an individual to be an Invited Guest or Invited Expert, and the process for invitation and appointment.

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