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The Open Group Standards Process

8. Liaisons

This section describes procedures for individuals who are elected to serve as The Open Group liaisons to other organizations. It defines the process for establishing liaisons, appointing Liaison Representatives, and approving Liaison Statements.

8.1 Establishing Liaisons

A liaison relationship is set up with an External Entity when it is mutually agreeable and needed for some specific purpose, in the view of the other organization, The Open Group Executive Management, and The Open Group participants conducting the work.

To ensure neutrality to the greatest extent possible, designation of a member representative shall occur through an open nomination and approval process within the applicable Forum or Work Group as follows:

  • The Open Group Executive Management must approve the decision to designate a member representative in advance to act as a Liaison Representative.
  • The Open Group Executive Management will assign a staff member to act as the Liaison Manager.
  • The Open Group Governing Board shall be given advance notice of the proposal to designate a representative from the membership to become a Liaison Representative, and given adequate time to raise objections and concerns.
  • The designation of the Liaison Representative shall be done through an open nomination and election process, with a minimum period for nominations of seven (7) days.
  • Eligible candidates for a Liaison Representative should reflect the target composition of the liaison organization to the greatest extent possible; for example, a liaison that is composed of a buy-side organization should have a customer representative.

8.2 Approving Liaison Statements

All outgoing Liaison Statements will be copied to The Open Group Director, Standards.

For a Liaison Statement generated on behalf of a Forum or Work Group of The Open Group, the applicable Chair(s) must create a statement that reflects the consensus of the Forum or Work Group. The Chair(s) must have generated or must agree with the sending of the Liaison Statement, and must advise the Liaison Manager that the Liaison Statement is being sent by sending a draft to the appropriate Liaison Manager, who should then acknowledge receipt with an indication of approval.

8.3 Conduct of Liaison Representatives

The Liaison Representative shall at all times act in good faith and seek to both represent the best interests of The Open Group, and to do his/her best to represent what they believe to be the consensus of the Forum or Work Group which they are representing. Further, the scope of authority for voting by Liaison Representatives shall be limited to voting on subjects pertaining to the specific purpose of the liaison only.

Further guidance is provided in The Open Group document I123, A Handbook for Individuals Acting as The Open Group Liaison to Another Organization.

Last updated: October 2018