Minutes of February 2007 Meeting

Minutes of the 12th Plenary Meeting of the Austin Group
Feb 27 - Mar 1, 2007, IBM, Austin, Texas.

Andrew JoseyThe Open GroupChair
Nick StoughtonUsenixSC 22 OR, Secretary
Don CragunSun MicrosystemsIEEE OR
Larry DwyerHP (teleconference, full)The Open Group alternate
Mark BrownIBMThe Open Group OR
Ulrich DrepperRed Hat
David ClissoldIBM
Geoff ClareThe Open Group (teleconference, full)
Cathy FoxThe Open Group

Andrew Josey called the twelfth meeting (a.k.a. Austin/M13, since this counting includes a teleconference) of the Austin Group to order at 9:35 am Tuesday, February 27th at The IBM facility, Austin, TX.

Meeting Goals

The goal of this meeting is to review draft 2 comments for the 200x revision, and continue processing inbound defect reports so that they can be addressed in draft 3.

The main part of the meeting will be spent doing issue resolution based on Aardvark comments submitted against Draft 2 and also those outstanding on the 2004 edition of the standard was completed. Attendees are assumed to be familiar with the proposed dispositions for the aardvark prior to the attendance of the meeting - these will not be discussed unless there is some disagreement with the proposal.

  1. Administrivia
  2. Procedures Update

    No updates.

  3. Identification of Organizational Reps

    See attendance list above.

  4. Status Reports
  5. Old business
    Any business brought forward from the teleconference agenda; nothing brought forward from teleconferences. Reviewed recent email discussions, but these should be covered in aardvarks.

  6. New business

  7. Consent List:
    Updated with finegrain timestamps new function; number 44.

  8. Issues List
    No changes.

  9. Action Item Review

    1. ACTION AI-2005-01-01: Don Cragun to present paper on pathname resolution.
    2. ACTION AI-2006-09-02: Ulrich and Nick to develop a draft PAR and criteria for C++ POSIX binding for discussion, and to produce the Study Group final report by March 31.
    3. Action AI-2006-06-01: Andrew to work out the full set of changes for recirculation for XSH ERN 132
      OPEN, ongoing in progress; Wednesday: Andrew gave an update on this action. Various wordsmithing occurred.
    4. ACTION 2007-02-01: Andrew Josey to make a pass through current closed aardvarks against approved std, to move items to SD-5 or interpretations when ready.
    5. ACTION 2007-02-02: Andrew Josey to talk to IEEE and ITTF about the name to use in the text: is POSIX.1:200x satisfactory to all?
    6. ACTION 2007-02-03: Nick to work with Cathy and Andrew to address cross reference issues. The document should be built as a single PDF book to aid in the production of cross document references.
      Mostly done, but some spacing issues remain.
    7. ACTION 2007-02-04: Nick to provide Rationale for changes.
    8. ACTION 2007-02-05: Nick to provide Rationale for changes for fcntl.h XBD ERN 39.
    9. ACTION 2007-02-06: Ulrich to research issue 15 and propose text for XSH intro to explain directory searching, with special respect to the *at() functions.
    10. ACTION 2007-02-07: Nick to improve example for XSH ERN 42
    11. ACTION 2007-02-08: Mark Brown to produce sample pages with various ways of presenting c99 information, including synopsis changes, Geoff Clare's proposal, and no change, and to circulate these pages.
    12. ACTION 2007-02-09: ALL review sample c99 pages when available with an audience that includes non standards developers.
    13. ACTION 2007-02-10: Nick Stoughton to develop a comprehensive set of aardvarks to capture all editing instructions relating to fine-grain timestamps by March 31.
    14. ACTION 2007-02-11: Cathy to produce an unofficial draft showing examples of how a single pdf would look, including some limited examples of cross volume references.
  10. Draft & Meeting Schedule

    Draft 3 will go for 4 month FCD ballot June 15, 60 day IEEE and Austin Group review. We should have a face-to-face in September 2007. Propose Open Group offices in Reading, UK, September 4-7.

    Draft 4 is scheduled for December; this is intended to be the final yes/no ballot (FDIS).

  11. AOB
    1. All members of the Austin Group wish to thank IBM for hosting this meeting, feeding us well, and generally taking care of our needs so dutifully.

    The meeting adjourned at 12:27, Thursday, March 1.

    If you have comments or additions relating to the correctness of the Minutes please send them to The Austin Group Chair. If your comments relate to decisions regarding the disposition of the aardvark please refer first to the Aardvark reports, and then if you still have a comment please send it to the main reflectors so that all can see the issue.