UNIX 98 Workstation

Category: Operating System Services [XW]

This UNIX 98 Workstation Product Standard is the same as the UNIX 98 Product Standard, but with the addition of the requirement to also conform to the Common Desktop Environment Product Standard. The system must conform to the following Product Standards: Internationalized System Calls and Libraries Extended V2, Commands and Utilities V3, C Language, Transport Service (XTI) V2, Sockets V2, Internationalized Terminal Interfaces and Common Desktop Environment. In addition, it may optionally conform to the Software Administration Product Standard.

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Referenced Documents:

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Conformance Statement Questionnaires:

CSQ for UNIX 98 Workstation Product Standard

CSQ for Internationalized System Calls & Libraries Extd V2 Product Standard

CSQ for Commands and Utilities V3 Product Standard

CSQ for C Language Product Standard

CSQ for Transport Service (XTI) V2 Product Standard

CSQ for Sockets V2 Product Standard

CSQ for Internationalized Terminal Interfaces Product Standard

CSQ for Software Administration Product Standard

CSQ for Window System Application Interface V2 Product Standard

CSQ for Motif Toolkit Product Standard

CSQ for Calendering and Scheduling API Product Standard

CSQ for X Window System Display Product Standard

Test Suites:

VSX5 , and VSX4 , and VSU5 , and VSTH , (and optionally VSRT) , and VSC5 , and ( Plum Hall V 7.00 , or Perennial ACVS 4.3) , and VST5 , and VSW5

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