VSLDAP is the Verification Suite for LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. 

The software is produced by The Open Group and is designed to test the conformance of LDAP servers to the LDAP Certified product standard (see Identity Management Forum for details).

VSLDAP provides a set of tests, coded in the Java programming language, which test all mandatory requirements and several optional features of LDAP server behaviour as specified in the LDAP Certified Product Standard.

The test suite currently supports the BASE and STANDARD profiles of LDAP Certified.  A complete list of test assertions is available in the document VSLDAP_assertions_All.html and also by profile in: VSLDAP_assertions_BASE.html (BASE Profile) and
VSLDAP_assertions_STANDARD.html (STANDARD profile).

The tests are marshalled by a test control system known as TETware.  This is an established Open Group test framework that is used, amongst other things, to drive the test suites that define UNIX systems. A copy of TETware is included with VSLDAP and is for exclusive use with that test suite.

All tests in VSLDAP are written using a Java-based test programmer's API.  New tests may be added for development purposes using this API. See `Test Programmer's Guide' for more details.

The low-level LDAP I/O functions are provided by a third-party LDAP client library. The supported library is Netscape Directory SDK for C v4.0. A binary copy of this libray is included in the VSLDAP package.

A binding between this C library and the Java test programmer's API is provided, in the form of a shared C library and a Java interface. There is scope within the test suite design to add bindings for other SDKs. The Test Programmer's API provides an opaque interface to this system.

VSLDAP is available as a full source code and binary package for developers who wish to extend or modify the test suite.

For further information about VSLDAP and TETware, please contact The Open Group at:
email:  vsldap_support@opengroup.org

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VSLDAP User Guide.  Release 2.3 GA, February 2007

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