License and Copyright
All works included with the VSLDAP package are copyright of The Open Group, except the Netscape Directory SDK for C, v4.0 dynamic library.

VSLDAP is released under pre-agreed license by the The Open Group. If you have not already entered into a VSLDAP Test Suite End User License Agreement with The Open Group, then you do not have permission to use or reproduce any part of the VSLDAP package that is copyright of The Open Group.

TETware is provided solely for use as a part of VSLDAP.

Third party products such as the Netscape Directory SDK for C may be used according to the terms of the license under which that product is distributed. Copies of relevant licenses are included in this package.

Netscape Directory SDK for C (binary) License.

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  VSLDAP User Guide.  Release 2.3 GA, February 2007.

Copyright ©  2007 The Open Group
All rights reserved.