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Open Platform 3.0™ Forum

Objective of Meeting

The objectives of the meeting were to discuss

  • The requirements for Open Platform 3.0
  • The architecture of the platform
  • The relation of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to Open Platform 3.0
  • Security in Open Platform 3.0

and to plan Forum activities to realize the platform.


The meeting discussed the requirements for the platform, which had been collected from four sources:

  • The Open Platform 3.0 Business Scenario
  • The Convergent Technologies Survey
  • A Round-Table meeting to gain a C-level perspective
  • A set of business use-cases being developed by the Forum

The meeting then held a free-form discussion on the nature of the platform that should be specified to meet the requirements. This discussion identified some key concepts that should be part of the platform architecture, including ecosystem, participant, service, API, information, orchestration, identity, and entitlement.

It was agreed that the general concept of service-orientation applies to Open Platform 3.0. However, a particular common implementation style based on the use of registries, messaging, and service bus does not apply. APIs are replacing messaging and service buses, and Software Defined Networking (SDN) may in future enable APIs to be more loosely coupled. The concept of service has become more sophisticated: Cloud has added metrics and other characteristics to the basic concept. New ways are emerging of advertising, discovering, and sourcing services. REST is becoming accepted as a style of service use.

The Open Platform 3.0 capabilities that are required include Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management. Trust and risk models are an important part of the context in which the platform will be used. In a joint session with the Security Forum, actions were agreed to set up member-sharing facilities between the Open Platform 3.0 Forum and Security Forum for access to existing Open Platform 3.0 use-case material, so that Security Forum members can review the use-cases to evaluate which aspects of their existing published and in-progress work are relevant to recommend to the Open Platform 3.0 Forum.

Forum activities will include a work stream that focuses on the platform itself, and separate work streams focusing on particular technologies. These work streams should proceed in parallel. They should be loosely coupled, so that the technology work streams do not have dependencies on the overall platform work stream. As a cross-cutting activity, the Forum should map relevant existing standards and work in progress within and outside The Open Group, collaborate with the bodies concerned, and identify gaps. Practical measures for this in the specific case of Security were agreed with the Security Forum during the meeting.


The minutes of the meeting record the key points of the discussion and the actions to be taken.

Next Steps

The Forum will produce a slide set describing Open Platform 3.0 and the Open Platform 3.0 Forum. The slides will provide basic information to all interested parties, and could be used to invite participation from members in Forum activities.

Collaboration between the Open Platform 3.0 and Security Forums should proceed through an initial exchange of ideas, and a set of suggestions of what needs to be done. This should ideally be completed within a month. It will then be possible to discuss collaboration further.

The Forum will proceed to establish and develop the platform, technology, and external collaboration work streams. It will do this through regular bi-weekly web meetings, starting on Thursday, October 31.

The Forum aims to produce a snapshot definition of the platform in Q1 of 2014.


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