Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure (SOCCI) Framework – Acknowledgements


The Open Group gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the following people in the development of this document:


  • Tina Abdollah (IBM) – Co-Chair
  • Raj Bhoopathi (HP)
  • Daniel Biondi (HP)
  • Ovace Mamnoon (HP)
  • E.G. Nadhan (HP) – Co-Chair
  • Tuomas Nurmela (TIETO)
  • Vlad Ostrosky (IBM)
  • Jignesh Patel (WIPRO)


  • Michael Behrendt (IBM)
  • Dale Davis (IBM)
  • Ed Harrington (Model Driven Solutions)
  • Heather Kreger (IBM)
  • Birgit Schmidt-Wesche (IBM)
  • Joost Van Der Vlies (HP)

The Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure Framework evolved from work done by The Open Group SOA Reference Architecture and Cloud Computing Reference Architecture projects, and the former Open Group Service-Oriented Infrastructure project. The Open Group gratefully acknowledges the contributions of these projects.