Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure (SOCCI) Framework – Service-Orientation Characteristics


The basic characteristics of Service-Oriented Infrastructure (SOI) are listed below:

  • Business-driven infrastructure on-demand: Using service-orientation for the infrastructure provides a way to define dependencies of higher-level business services on the lower-level infrastructure services, down to the actual physical resources, such as network appliances, storage, and servers.
  • Operational transparency: Clear visibility into the operations of the infrastructure services to enable problem diagnosis, root cause analysis, and the potential impact of infrastructure availability on business services.
  • Service measurement: Service-orientation defines service-level objectives as well as the measurement of the delivery of those objectives.
  • Consumer provider model: Service-orientation introduces the consumer provider model. In this model, from the “Cloud Service” consumer perspective, the risk of providing, maintaining, and managing the service is significantly shifted away from the consumer. The provider needs to ensure that the requisite infrastructure is in place to meet demand.