Open Platform 3.0™ Snapshot – Event Model


This appendix describes a possible event model.

Human and system users require that event handling is transparent, assuring service solutions maintain their expected assurance, security, and privacy levels. A failure of a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) or an Operational-Level Agreement (OLA) creates an event, or policy non-compliance. Events are correlated to provide human or system operators with the ability to discern a root cause to failure. In general, there are four enterprise vectors for event correlations that manage enterprise properties and/or facilities:

  • Security vectors (one or more Security and Information Event Managers (SIEM)
  • One or more IT operations managers (ITOM)
  • One or more Data Center Information Managers (DCIM)
  • One or more Integrated Work Management Systems (IWMS)

These four systems may contain details for any event that might occur over an enterprise in order to support SLA/OLA compliance of services sponsored by Open Platform 3.0. The intersection or union of these event vectors may contain SLA/OLA event details for the assets, systems, and/or things that caused a service disruption.

Event Model

Transparent event flow should support the union of cloud computing, mobile computing, social computing, big data, and IoT events that support a singular user or system service. Enterprise event-correlation is critical to assure SLA/OLA compliance – demand from a user, system, or machine.