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Security Design Patterns (SDP) technical guide

Version 1 was published in April 2004, and is freely available online from our Publications Web site at http://www.opengroup.org/publications/catalog/g031.htm.

Review Comments are welcome

Please do review this published Technical Guide, and send us your comments.

If you are interested in further discussion and ongoing work in reviewing and applying these design patterns then we will be pleased to add you to our list of external contacts so we can keep you informed on future developments.


The objective of this Technical Guide to Security Design Patterns is to meet the needs of an IT architect or systems designer who:

  • is looking for guidance (not instructions) on how to solve their conflicting information security design problems in the context of their own business system
  • wants to develop a stable but extensible security architecture that properly reflects their business requirements and the design choices they needed to make.
  • would like to know how The Open Group's information security experts would tackle their problems.

The opening chapters are tutorial in style, describing the nature and structure of the design patterns, and how to use them. The bulk of the Guide is a catalog of security design patterns, separated into Available System Patterns and Protected System Patterns.

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