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Operating System Test Framework

VSXgen Overview

VSXgen is an operating system test framework that allows tests for standard operating system APIs to be abstracted away from the framework itself. VSXgen builds upon the Test Environment Toolkit. This permits a common look and feel to test suites that are developed to reuse the framework, reduced development time, the ability to run the tests standalone as individual test suites, as well as to integrate them into a meta test suite.

For users familiar with installing and running one VSXgen based test suite, there is a minimal learning curve to running another test suite based on VSXgen. The framework itself is based on the core of the X/Open test suite VSX4, and is proven with over 10 years of use in the industry.

Current test subsets using VSXgen

The test suites supported as test subsets under the VSXgen structure are (as of April 2002):

  • VSRT - Realtime (1003.1b/.1i)
  • VSTH - Threads (1003.1c/Aspen threads)
  • VSX4 - The VSX4 test suite (POSIX.1/XPG4 extensions)
  • VSX5 - The Large File, Dynamic Linking and ISO MSE tests
  • VSU5 - The UNIX® extensions tests
  • VSPSE52 - Profile 52 Test Suite (1003.12-1998 Profile 52)
  • VSPSE54 - Profile 54 Test Suite (1003.12-1998 Profile 54)

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