Structure & Mission

Consortium Structure

FACE consortium structure chart


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Consortium Vision

The FACE Consortium, an aviation focused professional group made up of industry suppliers, customers and users, will create a technologically appropriate open FACE architecture, standards and business model that will result in:

  • Standardized approaches & process models within avionics systems
  • Lower implementation costs of FACE systems
  • Standards that support a robust architecture and quality software
  • Defined interoperability within FACE systems and components
  • Portability of applications across multiple FACE systems and vendors
  • Procurement of FACE conformant products
  • More capabilities reaching the Warfighter faster

Consortium Mission

To realize the Vision by:

  • Developing, evolving and publishing a realistic open FACE architecture, standards and business model that will be supported by FACE customers, vendors and integrators, and by a robust industry conformance program
  • Providing the forum for industry and government to work together to develop and consolidate the open standards, best practices, any necessary guidance documents and models necessary to realize the Vision
  • Ensuring that the appropriate technical resources and management commitment are in place for the successful completion of their work
  • Operating in a fair, neutral and open manner
  • Integrating existing and emerging standards and systems wherever possible.

Sponsor-Level Members

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