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Acquisition Professionals

As an Acquisition Professional, a great way to start learning about the FACE Approach, that addresses all 5 Principles of Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), and the Open Group FACE Consortium is to begin with the latest version of the FACE Business Guide: Guidance in the Value Proposition and Business Case for the FACE Approach.  With knowledge of the FACE Approach, a likely area of interest is how to put FACE requirements on contract which is detailed in the latest version of the FACE Contract Guide:  Guidance in Writing Solicitations and Proposals with FACE Requirements.

In addition to these two documents, there are many more resources including numerous overviews and targeted webinars, common FACE terms defined in the latest FACE AV-2, and proper terminology usage detailed in the FACE Trademark Guidelines. 

For FACE Consortium members, there are live, interactive learning opportunities at the quarterly FACE Consortium Member Meeting as well as recurring virtual weekly or bi-weekly working sessions, access to work products and assets in development, and the ability to participate in working groups or standing committees, such as the Business Working Group (BWG).

FACE® Business Guide

The FACE Business Guide is primarily focused on the U.S. DoD acquisition system and serves as a reference for executives, military executive officers, and senior leadership from both the U.S. Government and industry to understand the value proposition of the FACE Approach.

FACE® Contract Guide

The FACE Contract Guide is primarily focused on the U.S. DoD acquisition system and serves as a reference for including FACE requirements into a solicitation or proposal. The goals are to enable a Department of Defense (DoD) Contracting Officer or Program Manager (PM) to include FACE requirements in a solicitation and assist Offerors, Government Contractors, and Subcontractors in understanding the FACE requirements in a solicitation and appropriately addressing them in a proposal.

FACE® AV-2 Glossary of Terms and Definitions

FACE® Trademark Guidelines

FACE Webinars

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