Consortium Member Participant Onboarding Instructions

Since we are currently limiting consortium access to US Persons, each participant will need to complete the following 3-Step Process to gain access to the FACE Consortium member collaborative site ("Plato"), attend meetings and participate in the consortium, and get added to the appropriate rosters and email lists.

Step 1 -  Submit Export Cert Form:  Have the appropriate person in your organization (either your export certification authority, or your security officer who can certify that you are a US person) fill out, sign and submit the Export Cert Form per the instructions on the form.  The form can be downloaded here: Export Form

This is the standard Export Certification Form for the FACE Consortium, which has been used by industry, government and government contractors to establish the US-Person status of potential member participants. Feel free to list multiple participants on a single submitted form.  You can submit as many forms as you need to over time to continue to onboard additional participants.

Step 2 - Register for an Account:  Please go here and set up a username and password by registering yourself in our system.

Important Note: Enter all required fields (those marked with an asterisk *).  This provides you with a CRM record in our global system and enables you to download published documents. 

Step 3 - Send Us an Email w/ Work Group Preference:  Once you have completed Steps 1 and 2, you need to send an email to, a) confirming that you have completed Steps 1 and 2 and b) notifying us of your preference for Business Work Group or Technical Work Group, or Domain Interoperability Work Group (or both) for your FACE participation
• Your Work Group preferences will determine which mail lists/rosters we add you to in addition to the general members' mail list.

After the Open Group receives the above information, we will provide each participant with access to the FACE Consortium US-Only member collaborative site (we refer to this as "Plato"), along with Working Group WebEx meeting instructions for the group(s) they designate.

Sponsor-Level Members

sponsors - Airforce LCMC sponsors - Boeing sponsors - Lockheed Martin sponsors - Naval Air Systems Command sponsors - Program Executive Office Aviation sponsors - Collins Aerospace