Software Suppliers

A Software Supplier is anyone providing software to be certified as FACE conformant, or anyone interested in finding out more information about or programming to the FACE approach and the FACE Technical Standard. This may include the original software developer, an integrator, or another entity wishing to certify software developed from another party.

FACE Overview

This document provides the reader with an overview of the processes, documents, and tools produced by The Open Group Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Consortium. The descriptions provided in this document highlight the stakeholders affected by FACE technical and business practices. It also provides an overview of activities and relationships necessary to support the FACE Enterprise.

FACE overview

FACE Business and Technical Overview Webinar

Viewing the FACE Business and Technical Overview Webinar is a great place to start to understand the benefits of the FACE Approach and the organization of the FACE Consortium.

Software Supplier Getting Started Guide

The Software Supplier Getting Started Guide (GSG) is designed to be a navigational quick start guide for software suppliers to develop FACE conformant software. It provides the reader access to sample software aligned to the FACE Technical Standard, developed FACE data models, and corresponding verification artifacts. The sample FACE software contains Units of Conformance (UoCs) that pass the FACE Conformance Test Suite. It does not “touch-on” all components of the FACE Technical Standard

Software Supplier Getting Started Guide

Basic Avionics Lightweight Source Archetype (BALSA)

Basic Avionics Lightweight Source Archetype (BALSA) is a working software example of applications aligned to the FACE Technical Standard executing in a FACE Reference Architecture. It is an implementation of the FACE Reference Architecture that features PCS and PSSS component applications that demonstrate a basic avionics process. Currently, the BALSA Software Code, FACE UoP Supplied Model (USM) for BALSA, and corresponding FACE artifacts are available only to FACE Consortium members by logging in via The Open Group FACE Consortium members' website at A public link will be provided after BALSA is approved for global distribution and publication.

Sponsor-Level Members

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