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System Integrators

A system integrator is responsible for integrating capabilities within a system and ensuring the system performance meets the customer requirements, technical specifications, and contractual statement of work. Responsibilities also include generating all system requirements derived from Government supplied specifications and allocating appropriate ones to the subsystem and its software components, including FACE Conformance.

A subsystem integrator designs, develops, and delivers avionics subsystems. Subsystem integrators primarily perform avionics hardware and software integration and testing. The requirements allocated to the avionics supplier from the system integrator will call for the avionics to incorporate a FACE Computing Environment, which can support the hosting of FACE Conformant Units of Conformance (UoCs). These requirements may call for certification of avionics (at the subsystem level) to the safety and security standards imposed by a military authority, a civilian authority, or both.

FACE Overview

This document provides the reader with an overview of the processes, documents, and tools produced by The Open Group Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Consortium. The descriptions provided in this document highlight the stakeholders affected by FACE technical and business practices. It also provides an overview of activities and relationships necessary to support the FACE Enterprise.

FACE Overview

FACE Business and Technical Overview Webinar

Viewing the FACE Business and Technical Overview Webinar is a great place to start to understand the benefits of the FACE Approach and the organization of the FACE Consortium.


Integrators Getting Started Guide

The Integrator’s Guide for the FACE Technical Standard identifies the processes for the integration of a FACE conformant UoC. It describes the roles and processes for Stakeholders commonly needed for the integration of a FACE UoC onto a target aviation platform. While this document is unable to describe all cases for integration, the general descriptions should suffice for most integration cases.

Integrators Getting Started Guide

Sponsor-Level Members

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