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  • AdaCore: GNAT Pro Ada Development Environment
    AdaCore's GNAT Pro software development and verification toolsuite for the Ada programming language directly supports the FACE™ approach to avionics component reuse and portability while providing added value in meeting requirements for reliability, safety, and security. GNAT Pro is available on a wide range of native and cross platforms, with support for RTOSes such as Wind River's VxWorks and Lynx Software Technologies' LynxOS-178. It offers a full complement of static and dynamic analysis tools, including the GNATcheck coding standard enforcer, which can check conformance with the FACE Technical Standard's Safety and Security capability set restrictions for Ada. And specialized run-time libraries for GNAT Pro Ada can help avionics developers produce FACE conformant code that also meets the analyzability, predictability, and efficiency requirements typical of high-assurance real-time systems. 
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  • ANSYS, Inc.: SCADE Avionics Package
    The SCADE Avionics Package enables users to perform FACE™ Data Modeling within a robust SysML-based environment.  Roundtrip import/export functionality is provided for any FACE data model file, including the FACE Shared Data Model. The exported FACE file from the SCADE package passes Data Model testing with FACE Conformance Test Suite Version 2.1.30. Unit of Portability (UoP) models are then synchronized (incremental import and export) with SCADE Suite, a DO-178B/C qualified model-based development tool for developing safety and mission-critical embedded software. The tool suite includes a FACE UoP Transport Services Adaptor to wrap the SCADE Suite KCG automatically generated code to use the Transport Services API.
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  • LDRA: LDRA Tool Suite
    The LDRA Tool Suite helps software suppliers address FACE™ conformance through automation, coding standards compliance, traceability, and artifact generation.  Furthermore, for airworthiness, the LDRA Tool Suite enables DO-178B/C certification up to and including design assurance Level A.
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    Contact: Jim McElroy,


  • PrismTech: Vortex OpenSplice

    Adlink has developed a FACE TSS 2.1.1 Certified Conformant implementation of the TSS UOC on top of the Data Distribution Service OMG standard. Adlink's TSS framework provides a mapping layer between the FACE Transport Services and our fully OMG compliant Vortex DDS product.

    The new TSS implementation is bundled with the Vortex DDS product. It supports both C++ and Java APIs to enable portable FACE components to share and exchange data in a Reliable, Secure, Deterministic and Fault-Tolerant manner.

    For more information please contact or visit our website at .

    To download Adlink’s TSS and its underlying Vortex DDS transport service please click on :

    For more information please contact Product Manager,Ramzi Karoui
    Downloads are available at the PrismTech web site HERE


  • Rapita Systems: Rapita Verification Suite (RVS)
    The Rapita Verification Suite (RVS) helps software suppliers address FACE™ conformance through automation, specifically:

    All tools in RVS
    * Automatic instrumentation
    * Flexible OS integration
    * Compatible with most traceability management tools
    * Qualified to TQL 5, and facilitates DO-178B/C certification up to and including Design Assurance Level A.

    * Automatic test harness generation with RapiTest

    * Multicore timing solution can be used to measure impact of timing analysis between competing FACE conformant software modules

    Merge multiple Structural Coverage Analysis reports from different FACE Conformant Software Moduleserage Analysis reports from different FACE conformant software modules

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  • Real-Time Innovations, Inc. (RTI): TSS Reference Implementation
    The RTI Transport Services Segment (TSS) Reference Implementation, aligned to FACE™ Technical Standard, Edition 2.1, makes it easy for FACE component developers and systems integrators to take advantage of the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. The RTI TSS implementation maps the FACE Transport Services (TS) Application Programming Interface (API) to the DDS API supported by RTI Connext DDS products. This includes RTI Connext DDS Cert, which has been used in systems certified to DO-178C and is available with a complete DO-178C Design Assurance Level (DAL) A certification data package. In addition, RTI’s tools accelerate development and integration by making it easy to debug connectivity issues, visualize a running system, and introspect live data.
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  • SAE International: AADL Annex
    This annex provides guidelines for the integrated use of Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL) and Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Technical Standard data specifications and components. The FACE Technical Standard Edition 3.0 provides a data modeling specification for software components and their interconnections, but does not, for instance provide mechanisms for describing component behavior or timing properties. This document provides guidance for mapping a FACE Standard Edition 3.0 Data Architecture Extensible Markup Language (XML) Metadata Interchange (XMI) model into AADL so that models of FACE components can be integrated in a standard way into AADL specifications that support AADL analysis and code generation. For example, behavior and timing properties can be added to the resulting model and analyzed using AADL analysis tools.
    For more details click HERE
    Contact: Tyler Smith,


  • Skayl: PHENOM™
    PHENOM™ is a unique online ecosystem of revolutionary integration products designed to make the integration and maintenance of large systems of systems intuitive and accessible to those outside the data modeling world. PHENOM includes easy-to-use data model and management tools along with access to multiple Hyper-Models, including the FACE™ Certified UASModel. PHENOM enables automatic change and impact tracking of model updates over time and between versions. Seamless navigation, exploration, and contextualization is made possible with PHENOM’s™ unique visualization tools, built specifically to enable discovery of content, connections, dependencies and other vital relationships throughout various levels of the model. Maintaining model consistency and resiliency is made easy with automated model conformance and health checks, streamlined editing, instant impact analysis, generation of engineering artifacts, configurable templates and automated code generation.
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  • Skayl: Three Guys & A Data Model Podcast
    In the Three Guys & a Data Model podcast, we will work through many of the common questions we hear about data models.  And, if you need to hear something again, it's no problem to listen again.  And again.  Getting started with data modeling is a lot like drinking from a fire hose.  It's really difficult to digest in just one or two sessions.  Subscribe today to learn more!
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  • SimVentions: Dexter
    Dexter, a FACE™ System Integration Tool, aids in the integration process for systems developed in alignment with the FACE Technical Standard. Through a graphical user interface, Dexter displays a visual representation of system data models allowing the integrator to create mappings between them, identifies incompatibilities between the models, provides the ability to create conversions for these incompatibilities, and generates code for the mappings/conversions in alignment with the FACE Technical Standard. For more information about Dexter visit HERE


  • TES-SAVi: FAME™, now release version 1.03
    FAME™, a FACE™ Architecture Modeling Environment, is a complete end-to-end capability for composing FACE candidate data models. It handles the complexities of large collections of entities, and promotes rapid prototyping toward the end game of FACE verifiable data models.
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  • TES-SAVi: ADS-B, a FACE™ Data Model example
    ADS-B, a FACE™ Data Model working example developed to advance FACE product development efforts. A 3-tier FACE data model for the ADS-B out message to support IWS BALSA efforts, properly marked for distribution. This model passes FACE tool verification. Presented during the FACE Army TIM 2016, TES-SAVi.
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  • TES-SAVi: EMOF Editor
    EMOF Data Model Editor plus OCL Validation – Free to FACE™ Consortium Members. Open Source Eclipse Plug-in.
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  • Vanderbilt University has developed plug-in customizations that allow the use of the following data modeling tools to support the authoring, editing, and viewing of FACE™ data model content.
    • NoMagic MagicDraw/Cameo Model Tool Integration (MTI) for FACE 3.0 Data Modeling 
    • Sparx Enterprise Architect Model Tool Integration (MTI) for FACE 2.1 Data Modeling
    • IBM Rhaposody Model Tool Integration (MTI) for FACE 2.1 Data Modeling
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