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  Plato Web Infrastructure FAQ -- "INDEX"    

This set of FAQs is to help explain the use of Plato webs.

What is a Plato web ?
A Plato web is an example of what is often called Groupware or Web Collaboration software. It is designed so that a group of people, typically in a project or working group, can share items such as email, documents, actions and calendar events, in a controlled area of the web. Although every Plato site uses a standard set of common facilities, a maintainer can tailor a site for the group's specific needs. An expanded description of these facilities can be found under the section of Consortia Services called Online Web Collaboration.
What does it look like ?
A Plato web has a standard header, footer and a navigation bar on the left, following Open Group house style. The home page contains introductory text and a set of tables giving access to the latest documents, news, email etc. Following these links allows the user to see details and create and update each of these types of item. There are often different levels of visibility, so that the group may make some documents public, whilst keeping others private.
How do I set up a Plato web?
Please use the new site request form on the left hand navigation bar of each Plat site (available to site administrators).
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