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  Plato Web Infrastructure FAQ -- "Troubleshooting problems"    

This FAQ is to help toubleshoot frequent problems encountered when using a Plato web.

I have upload rights but a particular document will not upload. What should I do?
Check the name of the file and check it comprises only regular alphanumberics, spaces and underscores. Accented characters and characters such as "(" and ")" may not be accepted. If this does not work email plato-setup and include the file and information on the site and any error messages encountered.
I cannot access a document that i received notification on by email?
This usually indicates a Plato site setup problem, for example an access list designated for notifications is either not in the implicit or explict access control list for web access to the Plato site, or has been set to Email only within Sophocles. Lists used in Plato must be set for both Web and Email access. Your first case of action here is to contact the maintainer of the Plato Site -- usually a Project Manager of Forum Director who can do the checks for site access as noted above.
I cannot access a Plato site or I have access at an unexpected level?
Check with the Project Manager or Forum Director about whether you have access and the level. Under the maintainers link they can input your alias to check your access rights. Usually problems relate to a user not being on the correct Sophocles Access list. That can be rectified by contacting the list maintainer .
Is there a tutorial?
Yes a Tutorial is available at the Playdough site.









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