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POSIX 1003.13 Profiles


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The POSIX 1003.13 Profiles 51 to 54 provide four levels of functionality to which realtime environments can conform. The profiles are based on a study of existing commercial practice, though most vendors have products that fall in a continuum covering the range of functionality that the profiles describe in snapshots.

All Profiles include some or all of POSIX .1, .1b and .1c, and some parts of POSIX .2 and .2a for the development platform (which is likely to be on a host system for Profiles 51-53). The Realtime profiles can be summarized as follows:

Single Multi
File System No 51 53
Yes 52 54

Profile 52 Test Suite

To support testing under Profiles 52 The Open Group has developed VSPSE52 which is a merged subset of three other Open Group Test Suites; VSX4, VSTH (Threads) and VSRT (Realtime).

Profile 54 Test Suite

Three existing Open Group Test Suites; VSX4, VSTH (Threads) and VSRT (Realtime) are modified by VSPSE54 so that they offer options to limit the test coverage to the Units of Functionality contained in a profile 54 environment.

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