Cloud Computing White Papers


The Open Group Cloud Work Group exists to create a common understanding among buyers and suppliers of how enterprises of all sizes and scales of operation can include Cloud Computing technology in a safe and secure way in their architectures to realize its significant cost, scalability, and agility benefits. It includes some of the industry’s leading cloud providers and end-user organizations, collaborating on standard models and frameworks aimed at eliminating vendor lock-in for enterprises looking to benefit from Cloud products and services.

The White Papers on this website are also available in PDF form from The Open Group bookstore for download and printing. Further papers will be added as the Work Group progresses.

The initial focus of the Work Group is on business drivers for Cloud Computing, and this is reflected in the first items to appear:

Further White Papers will address other key Work Group topics, including Architecture, Infrastructure, and Security.

The book Cloud Computing for Business – The Open Group Guide is now available from Van Haren Publishing and, for members, from The Open Group bookstore. The book is based on the White Papers listed here, but develops and extends them, and includes additional explanation and examples.




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