Cloud Computing Governance Framework


This document is a Snapshot of what is intended to become The Open Group Standard for the Cloud Computing Governance Framework. It is being developed by The Open Group.

The target audience for the framework is described below along with the intended benefits for each segment of this audience:

  • Executive sponsors for cloud computing will have the checks and balances in place to ensure the systemic adoption of cloud computing for the right business reasons along with continuous capture of outcome-based metrics.
  • Enterprise Architects and IT strategists can easily align the reference architecture and technologies for cloud computing with the architecture and technology direction for the enterprise.
  • Cloud service consumers will be able to define their business and technical requirements upstream and drive continuous refinement of cloud services to ensure alignment with service-level expectations.
  • Cloud service providers will get first-hand insight into the overall performance of the services they provide, driving them to maintain the critical mass of services that make business sense for their consumers.
  • Cloud service partners can work with other service providers and consumers to identify synergies across the cloud computing solutions that augment their individual capabilities.

The content of this standard is organized as follows:

  • Introduction: An introduction to the standard.
  • Definitions: Definition of key terms used in the standard.
  • Cloud Computing Governance: What is cloud computing governance? Where does cloud computing governance fit in the landscape of governance models and standards?
  • Cloud Computing Challenges: The key challenges that apply to cloud computing that drive the need for governance.
  • Cloud Computing Governance Principles: The key principles that provide the foundation for cloud computing governance along with supporting rationale and implications.
  • Cloud Computing Governance Roles: Enterprise, department, and individual roles relevant to cloud computing governance.
  • Cloud Computing Governance Processes: The end-to-end perspective on the interaction between the governance process and the governed process presented in a consistent manner across planning, architecture, subscription, unsubscription, consume, operate, and retire process pairs, with detailed analysis of the associated roles, business outcomes, and metrics.
  • Cloud Computing Governance Metrics: Metrics that can be tracked across the different process pairs for cloud computing governance.
  • Applying Cloud Computing Governance: What enterprises looking to implement or evolve cloud computing governance should do.
  • Governance Concepts: Key governance concepts that drive the process interactions.