TOGAF®, an Open Group standard

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TOGAF® - the Enterprise Architecture standard used by the world’s leading organizations to improve business efficiency

The TOGAF® framework is the de facto global standard for Enterprise Architecture. The Open Group Architecture Forum, comprised of more than 200 enterprises, develops and maintains the TOGAF standard and publishes successive versions at regular intervals. See TOGAF Downloads.

The TOGAF framework enables organizations to effectively address critical business needs by:

  • Ensuring that everyone speaks the same language
  • Avoiding lock-in to proprietary solutions by standardizing on open methods for Enterprise Architecture
  • Saving time and money, and utilize resources more effectively
  • Achieving demonstrable ROI

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Getting Started

The Certified TOGAF 9 Practitioner Program

The Certified TOGAF Practitioner Program is the most trusted, independent benchmark for validating Enterprise Architecture (EA) knowledge of the TOGAF framework. More

TOGAF® Standard Courseware V9.1 Edition

The following slides are taken from The Open Group TOGAF® Standard Courseware V9.1 Edition course.

module 1 Module 1 - Management Overview

module 2 Module 2 - Components

module 3 Module 3 - Introduction to the ADM

module 7 Module 7 - The Architecture Content Metamodel

module 0 Module F13 - The TOGAF Certification for People program

module 1 Extra Module - TOGAF 9.1 Changes Overview

sample-catalogs Extra Module -- Sample Catalogs, Matrices and Diagrams

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Cxxx TOGAF 9.1 Translation Glossaries
G168 The TOGAF® Leader’s Guide to Establishing and Evolving an EA Capability
G152 Integrating Risk and Security within a TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture
G161 Business Capabilities
G164 The TOGAF® Technical Reference Model (TRM)
White Papers
W170 Digital Transformation Strategy to Implementation using The Open Group Standards
W16C Capability-Based Planning
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W099 Making the Business Case in TOGAF® 9
W118 An Introduction to TOGAF® 9.1
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W095 TOGAF® Version 9 Enterprise Edition: Migration Overview
W136 TOGAF®, an Open Group Standard, and Enterprise Architecture Requirements
W135 Integrating the TOGAF® Standard with the BIAN Service Landscape
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W105 TOGAF® 9 and DoDAF 2.0
W132 An Information Architecture Vision: Moving from Data Rich to Information Smart

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