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Whether you wish to gain new skills, upgrade or validate your current skills, we are happy to guide you through to your new certification with The Open Group.  This should help you answer questions such as — Which certification and badge will contribute most to my career? Which learning path should I choose? Which study methods are possible and available?

Read further to find the answers.


Learning Paths choice

You wish to take one of The Open Group learning paths and validate with a certification. To help you decide which learning method is best for you, we recommend that you read the program information pages. Your profession may require a particular badge such as the TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Applied Practitioner badge; in which case attending an Accredited Training Course is required. Other learning paths can also taken through self-study.

If you are a trainer and wish to deliver Accredited Training Courses, additional qualifications may be required. We recommend to check the requirements in addition to the certification program.


You prefer a Study Guide or (online) Self-Study Pack and it can lead you to the certification and badge you need: