The Nexus of Forces in Action – Abbreviations


2D-code 2-Dimensional barcode
3G 3rd Generation of mobile communications technology
4G 4th Generation of mobile communications technology
5G 5th Generation of mobile communications technology
7z A compressed archive file format
AFCRI Abrams Family Cancer Research Institute
AI Artificial Intelligence
API Application Programming Interface
APPU Average Profit Per User
ARPU Average Revenue Per Unit
ASTM A materials standards body (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials)
AWS Amazon Web Services
B2B Business-to-Business
BAM Business Activity Monitoring
BC Business Continuity
BLE Bluetooth Low Energy
BOL Beginning Of Life
BPM Business Process Management
BREEAM Design and assessment method for sustainable buildings
CCDA Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture
CCE Coca-Cola Enterprises
CDISC Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium
CDN Content Delivery Network
CeBIT An IT trade exhibition
CEM Customer Experience Management
CIMI Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (DMTF standard)
CIO Chief Information Officer
CMB Contact Memory Button
CMO Chief Marketing Officer and CMO website
CMS Content Management System
CPU Central Processing Unit
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
CSS Cascading Style Sheet
CX Customer Experience
DASH7 Nickname for the ISO/IEC 18000-7 standard for wireless sensor networking
DIAD Delivery Information Acquisition Device
DMA Direct Market Access
DMTF Distributed Management Task Force
DR Disaster Recovery
DRM Digital Rights Management
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EEA European Economic Area
EHIC European Health Insurance Card
EOL End Of Life
EPC Electronic Product Code
EPG Electronic Program Guide
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ESB Enterprise Service Bus
eTRIKS European Translation Research and Knowledge Management Services
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
EV Electric Vehicle
FDA US Food and Drug Administration
FeliCa Sony's contactless IC card technology
FIX Financial Information eXchange (protocol)
FMCG Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
GPS Global Positioning System
HL7 Health Level Seven International
HPC High Performance Computing
HTML Hypertext Mark-Up Language
HUD Heads-Up Display
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
IA-HEV International Energy Agency’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Implementing Agreement
IBOR Investment Book of Records
ICD World Health Organization International Classification of Diseases
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IFHIMA International Federation of Health Information Management
IoT Internet of Things
ISM Industrial Scientific and Medical
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISP Internet Service Provider
IT Information Technology
JSON Javascript Object Notation
LAN Local Area Network
M&S Marks and Spencer
MDM Master Data Management
MLA Mobile Location Analytics
MOL Middle Of Life
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTBPM Mean Time Between Planned Maintenance
NCI US National Cancer Institute
NFC Near Field Communications
NHS UK National Health Service
NSA US National Security Agency
NSH Napa State Hospital
NSP Network Service Provider
OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
ODCA Open Data Center Alliance
ONC US Department of Health and Human Services Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
ONF Open Networking Foundation
OpenID Open digital Identity
OSCP Open Smart Charging Protocol
OVF Open Virtualization Format
P2V Physical to Virtual
PAM Personal Ambient Management
PAN Personal Area Network
PDF Portable Document Format
PLM Product Lifecycle Management
QLM Quantum Lifecycle Management
QoS Quality of Service
RDF Resource Description Framework
REST Representational State Transfer
RFID Radio Frequency Identification
ROI Return On Investment
RPO Recovery Point Objective
RTLS Real-Time Location Systems
RTO Recovery Time Objective
SaaS Security as a Service
SAE Automotive industry standards body (formerly the Society of Automotive Engineers)
SAML Security Assertions Mark-up Language
SDC Software Defined Data Center
SDN Software Defined Network
SDO Standards Development Organization
SDS Software Defined Storage
SKU Stock Keeping Unit
SLA Service-Level Agreement
SMS Short Message Service (in mobile communications)
SNOMED A comprehensive, multi-lingual clinical healthcare terminology
SOA Service-Oriented Architecture
SPOREs Specialized Programs of Research Excellence
SSO Single Sign-On
STB Set-Top Box
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
TOSCA Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications
TRP Translational Research Program
U-BIOPRED Unbiased BIOmarkers in PREDiction of respiratory disease outcomes
UDEF Universal Data Element Framework
USB Universal Serial Bus
V2C An elastic Vehicle-to-Cloud infrastructure that integrates Network as a Service into the automotive ecosystem
VMI Vendor-Managed Inventory
VPC Virtual Private Cloud
VPD Vancouver Police Department
VPN Virtual Private Network
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
Wi-Fi A popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet wirelessly using radio waves