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Open Process Automation™ Forum Membership

Participation in the Open Process Automation Forum provides many benefits for customer organizations as well as for suppliers.

Benefits to Customer Organizations

  • Common Process Automation Environment
  • Interoperability
  • Neutral home to work with fellow customers to develop common standards and tools
  • Work with suppliers to help ensure that requirements for future operating environment and open standards are met
  • Assurance that requirements are incorporated in specifications for use in future procurements
  • Standards conformance certification
  • Enables new markets / new suppliers:
    • Creates software-centric market opportunities
    • Enables hardware opportunities
    • Enables introduction of third party capability and innovation
    • Provides opportunity for rapid insertion of innovative concepts
  • Lowers costs of doing business:
    • Common standards lower cost and schedule risks
    • Standardization of software / hardware interfaces allows for rapid insertion of new capabilities
  • Re-use of software components and hardware elements enables industry to economically reuse capabilities

Benefits to Suppliers

  • Ability to influence the architecture and specifications
  • Early access to the architecture and specifications
  • Network with other companies and their experts in noncompetitive, vendor-neutral environment
  • Lower commercial risk as development can be aligned to specifications
  • Potential for expansion to other industries and perhaps other commercial markets to better serve the needs of larger customers
  • Position company and products for future procurement requirements

Forum membership is open to customer (end user) and supplier (solution suppliers, system integrators, consultancies) organizations as well as academia.  Membership requires a Silver membership in the forum. Gold and Platinum members of the Open Group are also entitled to participate in the forum. The membership links on the page below describe how to join, costs for various tiers of participants, and a link to the membership application is also provided.

For a current list of members of the Open Process Automation Forum, please go here.

Membership Information

In addition, feel free to register your contact details with us, and we will add you to our interest list, and keep you apprised of upcoming events.


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