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Members of The Open Group

The Open Group is comprised of more than 884 memberships from organizations all over the world, which range from major corporations, small to medium-size businesses, government organizations and consortia, and universities.

Our membership lists are published hourly in PDF format for easy download and printing.

The Open Group provides members with an opportunity to exchange information and shape the future of technology, and they can obtain access to information and ideas on levels that they otherwise could not attain – from industry-shaping events to academic research breakthroughs. 

Thanks to the flexible structure of The Open Group membership, any organization, no matter what its size or office location, may join and have a voice in shaping the future. Members can participate at three levels of membership: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Please note that benefits and entitlements vary for different memberships.

The Open Group Platinum Members

The Open Group Platinum Members are listed at the foot of our pages. We are proud of their commitment to multi-vendor integration through open standards, certification and branding. Through their standards-compliant products and active involvement in The Open Group, they are making enterprise integration and multi-vendor interoperability a reality.