Building Return on Investment from Cloud Computing – Conclusions


Cloud Computing is an important stage in the development of IT systems, comparable with the emergence of the mainframe, the minicomputer, the microprocessor, and the Internet.

Cloud Computing can provide many advantages over conventional approaches to IT provisioning, which can translate into significant improvements in ROI. But what makes it particularly exciting is that its potential effect on business is not just incremental improvement, but disruptive transformation through new operating models.

This White Paper provides an analysis of how to build and measure ROI that will help businesses to reap the benefits of Cloud Computing, and take advantage of its potential for incremental improvement and disruptive transformation of business processes.

Our understanding of Cloud Computing is currently at an early stage. This is an initial analysis. ROI models will evolve as the technology matures. This evolution will be reflected, and key indicator ratios will be described in more detail, in future deliverables of The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group and its Cloud Business Artifacts and Cloud Business Use-Cases projects.