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DCE source code is available under an Open Source license (LGPL).

Download DCE 1.2.2 -- Free!

What is Distributed Computing and DCE?

The OSF Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) is an industry-standard, vendor-neutral set of distributed computing technologies. DCE is deployed in critical business environments by a large number of enterprises worldwide. It is a mature product with three major releases, and is the only middleware system with a comprehensive security model.

DCE provides a complete Distributed Computing Environment infrastructure. It provides security services to protect and control access to data, name services that make it easy to find distributed resources, and a highly scalable model for organizing widely scattered users, services, and data. DCE runs on all major computing platforms and is designed to support distributed applications in heterogeneous hardware and software environments. DCE is a key technology in three of today's most important areas of computing: security, the World Wide Web, and distributed objects.

For more background on DCE start by looking at our documentation references for introductory information.


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