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Manager's Guide to Information Security (MGIS)

Following a formal review by the members of the Security Forum, MGIS was approved for publication during the Security Forum meeting in Amsterdam, 24-26 October 2001.

The main contributing author and editor of drafts leading to delivery for publication was Eliot Solomon (Securities Industry Automation Corporation).

MGIS is available on the Web as publication reference G250, and paperback copies are available by contacting Ian Dobson.

What is MGIS?

MGIS is a no-nonsense guide to the use of information security technology in business environments. It explains what information security is about, in non-technical language – to   allow business decision-makers and others who are not security experts to enter what has until now often seemed an impenetrable world.

 The MGIS unlocks information security in a direct and informal way. It does not offer easy solutions to security problems. However, it does explain what business decision-makers should know about information security to enable them to ask informed questions and make informed decisions on the security products they buy and use.

Who will find it useful?

The MGIS should quickly become an essential part of:

  • the collateral information that vendors distribute on their security products
  • in presentations and seminars,
  • as internal information,
  • in training activities,
  • in situations where a question arises on understanding of basic information security issues.

To encourage this, we are offering bulk supply of paperback copies of the MGIS to anyone who needs them. Please contact Ian Dobson for inquiries on ordering bulk supplies.

More in this series

We plan to publish further Guides that make other information technology issues similarly accessible to business managers and others who need to make informed decisions on the information systems they buy and use, yet do not wish to have to acquire expertise in the technology.

Objectives of MGIS

A Business Manager who has read this short (about 50 paperback-size pages) book should be able to understand what IT security people are talking about, understand what goes into a security management regime (including policy, process and /procedures, technology, audit/assurance), so as to be able to discuss:

  • formulation of security objectives appropriate to their business
  • identification of their information security risks
  • recognition of what security controls address these risks
  • planning for new controls as their business systems evolve and are exposed to new risks

so as then to evaluate at a sufficient high level what major security technologies do, and make informed decisions on investing in the right security solutions for their business.

Outline Structure of MGIS

  • Story-Line 1: The audience, and the authors - who this book is for, and who it is from.
  • Story-Line 2: Why security is important to your business.
  • Story-Line 3: IT Security from a business perspective - understanding what is needed and why.
  • Story-Line 4: What to expect (and what not to expect) from security solutions.
  • Story-Line 5: What to do next.

Further Information

For further information please contact Ian Dobson.


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