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Operations (or How we Work)

Meetings, Teleconferences, Email & Web

The Security Forum meets face-to-face at least 4 times per year, during The Open Group's quarterly Conferences. Additional meetings are arranged if sufficient members so request.

Task Groups of the Security Forum hold regular teleconferences between meetings, to progress specific work activities between meetings.

The Open Group provides email and Web facilities to facilitate exchange of information between activity groups and individual members. It also maintains Web pages (some public, others available to members-only) devoted to providing information in support of all these activities.

What is an Open Group Forum?

An Open Group Forum is established for each major technical area that the Open Group members work on.

A prime objective of a Forum is to ensure that technical activities within each major work area are co-ordinated with, and take into account, business requirements. Similarly, any work on business requirements should take into account technical and other issues that may affect the establishment of an industry standard, or a technology development.

Forum membership is drawn from Commercial and Government customers, from the independent software supplier industry, and from the major systems suppliers.

The Forums normally meet after the first day of each Open Group Members' Conference. These Conferences are currently held 4 times per year. An essential part of the business of each Forum at these meetings is:

  • to review progress on current work activities
  • to approve or modify the direction, deliverables, and scheduled plans for ongoing and future activities
  • to receive update reports on relevant technical and business trends
  • to share information (network) with fellow members, and liaise with other Forums on cross-functional issues.

Task Groups

A Forum usually sets up Task Groups for each project it is working on. Typically each Task Group is formed from members who have particular interest in actively contributing to the project, and they elect a leader to co-ordinate the work and report back on progress. On completion of its project deliverables, the Froum closes down the Task Group.

Task Groups usually do much of their work between meetings, communicating mostly through email and telephone (including teleconferences), though occasionally they may, if their membership wishes, also arrange extra face-to-face meetings.

Liaisons with Other Forums

As well as forming liaisons with other Open Group Forums, Forums and Task Groups are encouraged to form specific liaisons with external industry consortia, so as to leverage maximum benefit from existing work, and specifically to avoid unnecessary duplication or diversification

Business Requirements Development

We require a clear statement of the business case, including analysis of requirements leading to clearly defined deliverables, before starting new projects. We use business scenarios to qualify and refine requirements.

Monitoring of Technical Developments

Regular reviews of current projects ensure that they continue to address what are aften rapidly developing business requirements.

Test, Certification, and Brand

As specifications and/or enabling collaborative technologies are completed, a business case for developing conformance tests, for launching a certification scheme, and for launching an Open Group Brand, may arise. Forum members contribute to the development and approval of Product Standards and related conformance documentation, test suites, and Certification and Brand launch marketing activities.


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