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The Quick Step Guide to TOGAF Certification for TOGAF CERTIFIED for Trainers

Copyright © 2002-2004 The Open Group

Issue 1.01, January 12 2004

This document is a quick guide to the steps for an organization to batch register individuals for certification against the TOGAF CERTIFIED Product Standards. This is applicable only to organizations, who themselves have a certified TOGAF TRAINING product. For a full understanding of the TOGAF Certification program please see the TOGAF Certification Guide.



To batch register individuals against the TOGAF CERTIFIED Product Standard your organization must have a certified TOGAF TRAINING product and also a TOGAF Commercial License . These are prerequisites , without completion of which you will not be able to enter the web certification system to batch register individuals for this Product Standard. If you have not completed the prerequisites please refer to the TOGAF Certification Guide for more information.

Accessing the Web Certification System

The Certification Authority provides a web based certification system through which products, services or individuals can be submitted for certification. The entry point to this is at

Prior to use of the Web Certification system you are recommended to browse the Web Certification primer presentations at

The first step is to select "Enter", which then gives you an intermediate screen with various help information, from which you can then proceed to access the secure web server.

Submitting Initial Certification Information

In order to access the web certification system you need a valid username and password on the Certification Authority's web server.

If you don't yet have an account, you may obtain one from the certification web site by selecting "Enter secure site" to enter the secure web site (if you have not already done so), then selecting "New User" to create your username and password.

Once you have your username, from the secure web site, select "Login" to login.

Registering Contacts for a Company

To register products, services or individuals on behalf of a company, you must be registered as the designated Authorized, Technical or Alternate contact for that company. Company registration and that of its designated contacts have a number of steps that must be completed before you will be able to proceed. Your login will not offer you the full range of Product Standards until all the following steps have been successfully completed.

This will need to have been completed already to achieve the Prerequisites above and thus is not detailed here.

Batch Registering Individuals for the TOGAF CERTIFIED Product Standard

When you batch register individuals you are required to provide details including the name of the course satisfactorily completed, the date of attendance, and the names and details of the individuals, for which conformance has been demonstrated.

You must select the Product Standard that the registration is for.

After you select the "Select the Product Standard" button, you are then presented with the Certification Agreement, which must be accepted in order to proceed with this registration.

The next screen presented is then specific to the Product Standard. If you wish to send any notes to the Certification Authority about this registration you may do so on this form. Such notes are held confidential between you and the Certification Authority.

Entering Registration Details

You are then returned to your home page where you will see the new registration listed with an "Regn ID". You should then select the "Next" logo to perform the next step in the registration process.

The next screen then presents a form where you are able to select two further screens, the first providing information on the individuals attending the course, and the second on the instructors.

The first screen allows you to select the course that was attended from the list of certified TOGAF Training products, and a date field where you enter the date of course completion. You can then input individual details for those who have satisfactorily completed the course.

The second screen allows you to select the instructors (or mentors if distance learning) from the list of people who are currently TOGAF CERTIFIED.

At this point if you select "Next", the screen will inform you that you have completed all the necessary steps and can proceed to the final registration stage. It is also possible to select the links if you wish to add further attendees or alter the instructor information.

The Final Step - Confirming your Submission & Payment

Once you have completed input of all the required information, the web based certification system allows you to confirm your submission details and then proceed with the payment.

The certification system will display a form into which you enter the final details that are required to submit the product for certification. This is done in two stages:

  • This form allows you to check all the information relating to your company (if applicable), and the registration. It is divided into sections; each one needs confirmation from you that it is correct. You can also signify that you wish the registration to be kept confidential. If any of the information needs correcting you can, at this point, update it.
  • The second and final part is to affirm your committment to the terms and conditions of the program as stated in the Certification Agreement and the committments as required by the Product Standard.
    Certification fees are due at this stage.


Payment is required to complete a full submission for registration. Payment may be either by credit card at the time of registration, or by purchase order, check or wire transfer received by the Certification Authority in advance of registration.

Note: The Certification Authority will not process the registration until payment has been received.

See for the fee schedule. Please note that if you use a payment method other than by credit card, your submission cannot be processed until the payment is received by the Certification Authority.

Completion of Certification

You will be notified of the status of your request for certification within 10 business days. 

If for any reason the submission was not complete, you will  be notified so that any corrections can be made and resubmitted. Such a resubmission needs to be done within one month unless an extension has been granted by the Certification Authority.  The initial fee covers one set of corrective actions.

The details of the certified product will then be put on the Certification Register, which is a public document, unless you have requested that it remains confidential. To keep the certification confidential, this option must be selected in the web certification system at the time the product is submitted.

When a certification has been made public, you will be sent a URL from where you can download a certificate.

You should note that certification is valid for a defined period as stated in Section 9.1, Duration of Certification of the Certification Policy. At the end of that period, if applicable, if you wish the product or service to remain certified you will need to renew the certification. (See the Guide to TOGAF Certification for more information.)

Appeals Process

You may appeal decisions made by The Open Group Certification Authority as stated in Section 11, Appeals Process of the Certification Policy. Any request for appeal should be sent by electronic mail to . Receipt of such a request will be acknowledged within 6 working days by the Certification Authority and the appeals process invoked.

© The Open Group 2002-2004
Updated on 12 January 2004

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