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Certified individuals are able to deliver Agile Architecture in support of Digital Transformation to enable the creation of business value. Key competencies include applying the Open Agile Architecture axioms to develop and maintain Agile Architectures, the application of Agile strategy, business agility, the Agile organization, experience design, design thinking, product architecture, operations architecture, and Agile Security Architecture.

The Open Agile Architecture Body of Knowledge

The O-AA Body of Knowledge is a subset of the Open Agile Architecture standard relevant to a group of learners and skillset. It is defined as learning units and documented in the Conformance Requirements documentation.
The Body of Knowledge for certification based on the Open Agile Architecture is defined in the following document

OAA badge

Individuals certified will have the following takeaways:

  • An ability to deliver Agile Architecture in support of Digital Transformation
  • An understanding of the importance of architecture when deploying Agile at scale
  • An ability to apply best practices and techniques for architecting with agility
  • A common language with Enterprise Architects and Agilists

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